Defend EPA programs that protect birds and communities

San Francisco Bay. Photo by Gareth Bogdanoff

Let Congress know you oppose proposed cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency that will have devastating effects on birds and the health of our communities. Please send your email now.

This week, we learned of proposed cuts that will gut programs that test coastal water quality, educate our children about nature, address climate change, and reduce pollution in communities suffering the most.

In San Francisco Bay, the EPA looks to cut its entire $4.8 million budget for clean water and wetlands restoration. It also is going to nearly eliminate the $3 million it spent last year on cleaning up pollution flowing from the Tijuana Estuary to San Diego. Both of these are vital bird habitats, as well as places where pollution directly harms people.

The fate of the EPA depends on votes that will be cast by your members of Congress. Send them a note today saying that you oppose these cuts and demand they protect clean water, air, and healthy communities in California.