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Climate Change - Ambassador Sign-Up

We’re actively recruiting Audubon Ambassadors to spread the urgent message that our birds are in trouble and take actions to help them adapt and survive to our changing climate. Small actions add up to a brighter future for our birds. Become an Audubon Ambassador to take action on climate change and make a lasting difference for birds in North Carolina.

When you join the Audubon Ambassador program, you will get:

  • Tips and training on how to talk about climate change with family, friends and your community
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group with climate change articles, tools, events and networking with your fellow Ambassadors
  • Update emails with concrete ways you can take action through quick ideas and long-term projects, and reports on the progress of the entire group
  • Access to Audubon Works, a password-protected site with climate tools and resources
  • Support from the Audubon North Carolina staff via email and conference calls

Never before has our birds’ message been so urgent or clear. Birds will only survive with our help, and the more people who get involved, the greater collective impact we can have on climate change. It’s not too late to change the course for birds and ourselves.

After you click Join, you will receive an email from Audubon with a link to register for an in-person Ambassador training.